A brief apology


In this blog’s 1 1/2-year history, I have removed two posts. One was about Mike Lupica, and was probably taken away unnecessarily. The other was yesterday.

Most of y’all probably didn’t notice, but I ran a photograph of a collegiate rowing team. The picture originally appeared on Deadspin, and I thought it was extremely funny, because half the women pictured had, well, eh, unintentional, uniform-caused camel’s toe.

But, in retrospect, it was in very poor taste. These were college-aged women who did nothing wrong; who certainly didn’t deserve to be mocked or pinpointed for something so meaningless. If my daughter were to ever wind up in such a photo, on such a site, I’d be mortified.

Anyhow, my bad. I should strive for better.

* Instead of running any more vaginal-based shots, I will simply show me with my dog, Norma.

9 thoughts on “A brief apology”

  1. “Instead of running any more vaginal-based shots, I will simply show me with my dog, Norma.”

    See, there was a great self-deprecating joke you could have made there…

  2. Thank you Jeff, your change of heart here will hopefully cause some other men to think twice about denigrating women…..we are your mothers, sisters, and daughters.

  3. Wait- I missed the Lupica post! Would you consider reposting it for a day or two? Or maybe just provide us with a list of the adjectives you used…?

  4. I caught it, showed a friend at work, then my wife. We of the good humor variety and all had an amusing laugh about it. Was a bit surprised to see it on your site though (seemed a bit more “revealing” than I’m used to seeing here).

    But completely agree with the comment you’ve made about your daughter. I have two (ages 2 and 4) and I dread that possible future day…

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