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A-Rod, greed, gross


Not sure how many people saw this, but tomorrow (Saturday) A-Rod, Joba and Joe Girardi will be appearing at the Greentree County Club in New Rochelle, N.Y., where Rodriguez will be signing autographs.

For anywhere between $250 and $400 a pop.

“We could have sold 2,000 or 3,000 autographs,” said Stephen Costello, executive VP of Last Licks Ice Cream, which is putting on the show. “Even in this environment, this economy, an A-Rod autograph at $250 is a very, very good deal.”

That sound you just heard? My vomit hitting the floor.

I am disgusted, naturally. But also baffled. You are Alex Rodriguez. You finally broke through in the playoffs; finally won a World Series; finally connected with the New York fans in a way you never had. You make in excess of $20 million per year … and you do this?

Seriously, who the hell is handling A-Rod’s image?

If I’m Alex Rodriguez, I hold an autograph session. I charge $20 for signatures on paper or cards, $50 for gloves,bats, hats. I donate 100 percent to the Boys & Girls Club, and do it with a smile. I take one day, start at 9 am, and sign until dark. I call it a THANK YOU, NEW YORK DAY. I hand out cookies and iced tea. Maybe milk for the kids.

But this event … no way. No way in hell.