How does Sarah Palin exist?

2010 Election Landscape

So Sarah Palin appeared on Oprah today. I missed the show, but I’ve read some of the high(low)lights. I’ve also been paying attention to details of her new book, Going Rogue, which will debut atop the New York Times’ best-sellers list.

Palin says she is unsure whether she’ll run in 2012, and I don’t believe her. Can’t believe her. A. Because she was the vice-presidential candidate in 2008, and it’s pretty much the step most former VP candidates take. B. Because she has no job, and all this book talk/campaigning has to be leading somewhere. C. Because she’s insane.

C, I really mean. Sarah Palin is insane, and not merely because she denies Darwin and thinks global warming doesn’t exist and isn’t quite sure Obama was born in America and is convinced, when health care reform is passed, man in white lab jackets will come to steal her relatives.

No, Palin is insane because she literally sees herself as a savior of American values and decency. She mocks Obama for being The One, yet envisions herself as the standard bearer of what is right and just about the United States. She is a female, 21st Century version of Ronald Reagan, ordained by God and Jesus and Papa Smurf to guide us toward salvation.

I am scared of Sarah Palin, not because she’s particularly bright or reasoned or popular. I’m scared of her because people are sheep, and it’s easy to see the flock irrationally flowing her way.