Iverson+Knicks=logical move


The Knicks won their second game tonight, beating Indiana. Tomorrow they can produce another small triumph by signing Allen Iverson.

I know … I know—I’ve been sorta harsh on The Answer, especially considering his ludicrous stay in Memphis. So why, suddenly, do I support the Knicks’ efforts to bring a past-his-prime ball hog to Madison Square Garden? Here’s why …

A. The fans. Knicks fans aren’t just frustrated. They’re bored. And annoyed. Their team is hapless and hopeless, and while “Wait until 2010!” is an OK rallying cry, hard does the franchise justify charging its loyalists NBA prices for Division II-caliber outputs? Iverson is a showman, and he’ll gives fans reasons to come. Will the Knicks reach the playoffs? No way. But …

B. It doesn’t matter if the Knicks make the playoffs. Their 2010 first-round pick is gone, thanks to the long-ago Stephon Marbury trade. So even if Iverson helped the club win, oh, 30 games, it matters not to 2011.

C. Iverson eats zero salary space. The Knicks could sign him for the rest of the season for approximately $1.3 million. That’s nothing in this world.

D. If Iverson screws up, cut him. If he hurts the development of others, cut him. If he’s a jerk, cut him. In other words, it’s no risk, moderate reward.

Right now, the franchise lacks any pulse. The need a charge.