My dog won’t leave me alone


I throw the tennis ball.

Norma returns it.

I throw it again.

She returns it again.

I ignore her.

She nudges the ball against my leg.

I still ignore her.

She drops the ball, takes five steps back, then three steps forward.

She’s waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting.

She offers a little bark.

I pick up the ball and place it on the table.

She goes to the other room and returns with her nasty, chewed-up bone.

Begin Step 1.

5 thoughts on “My dog won’t leave me alone”

  1. You and I have (or had, as of April when he passed away) the same exact dog breed.
    Except mine was named Norman and not Norma. As needy and whiny as he could be, I miss it most in the quiet moments of the day where I’d be doing work and he would be bugging me.

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