Rex Ryan: Shut up


It was cute in the beginning, when Rex Ryan joined the Jets and started slinging yang left and right. He talked shit about Bill Belichick, he talked shit about Channing Crowder. Blather, blather, blather, blather.

Today, in the aftermath of the Jets’ humiliating 31-14 loss to New England, he continued to talk, moaning aloud about a late deep pass from Tom Brady to Randy Moss. “We need to stop them anyway, so it’s no biggie,” he said, “but I was surprised, and I did feel a little bit disrespected.”

Disrespected? Disrespected! Rex Ryan spent a solid two months disrespecting half the league, what with his Spurrier-esque swagger and this-stuff-is-easy outlook. Now look where the Jets are—4-6, out of the playoff race, stuck with a wobbly rookie QB (Mark Sanzhez), a franchise wide receiver who can’t catch (Braylon Edwards) and the world’s most overrated defense.

Disrespected? Come season’s end, you’ll be lucky to still have a job.

2 thoughts on “Rex Ryan: Shut up”

  1. It would be funny if Rex Ryan and Lane Kiffin ended up being coaches on the same team some day. They would both talk smack all day long but would rarely win!

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