Wikipedia II: Did I deserve … this!?


Yesterday I blogged about Wikipedia, and how my own entry has turned ugly.

Today, I was notified of this recent edit: “Jeff Pearlman is a [douche bag] sports American writer.”

Really, it was there. I deleted it, which means it’ll return in a few hours. Then I’ll delete it. Then it’ll return. Then I’ll delete it …


While dropping my son off at nursery school today, I stopped and looked in the window at Last Licks, the ice cream/memorabilia shop owned by the evil empire that is Steiner Sports. As I’ve written before, were Derek Jeter willing to bronze his poop, Steiner would sell it (and make money). Were Thurman Munson’s skull to turn up in a Canton field, Steiner would crack it open, break it into a million pieces and insert those shards into special collectible cards. It’s what the guy does.

Anyhow, my favorite item today was a $60 photograph of C.C. Sabathia. Why $60 for a photo? Because alongside the photograph was a quarter-sized plastic holder, with dirt inside. Oh, and these words: MLB-AUTHORIZED DIRT FROM YANKEE STADIUM.

I love dirt as much as the next guy.

But c’mon …