I am, by nature, a hypochondriac. Which means that whenever something is physically off, I think the absolute worst. Headache=brain tumor, stomach pains=stomach cancer, heavy arms=Gehrigs. I’ve blogged about this quite often … nothing new.

That said, for the past month or so I’ve had regular swelling in my fingers and below my eyes (the eyes only when I wake in the morning), and more dry mouth than usual. Had a checkup recently—blood work fine, etc.

So I’m wondering whether anyone has swelled hands, and what they do about it? Can I soak them in something? Is there something to take? Sometimes it freaks me out, sometimes it just irks me, usually I’m able to ignore it.

But I’m tired of bugging my wife with these things—so I’m turning to you, the readers …

Thanks.  🙂

6 thoughts on “Swollen”

  1. Jeff, do you eat a lot of salt? You can limit Chinese food, canned foods, soups, chips – you know, all the good stuff! Salt restriction might help. Elliot

  2. Yep. It sounds like you need to cut back on the salt. And the booze, if you’ve been tippling a bit more than regular. Of course, it could be the onset of sepsis — just kidding about that. PS: Mike Penner/Christine Daniels RIP. Great, great guy. Just tragic.

  3. Try soaking your hands in a pan of hot water that has a teaspoon of salt in it for 10 mins at night before bed. Your hands could be swelling because of all the typing and/or minor arthritis.

  4. i would second/third the idea of cutting back on salt. could be the culprit. and you may need to be hydrating more…that is, drinking more water. it may be that your body is trying to hang on to water.

  5. Jeff, has your doctor said anything about Edema? Your symptoms sound comparable to that. It sounds like it is a condition that can be easily cured. Might want to check it out on WebMD, or with your doc. Or, you could be like the Christian Scientists and just pray 🙂

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