Allen Iverson: A remarkable press conference

If you have yet to watch this—watch this. Remarkable.

I wrote a column for a few weeks ago on Allen Iverson that was particularly harsh. And, being 100-percent honest, I feel like a jackass.

There are so many players out there who lack Iverson’s heart, his passion, his love for the game. Is he flawed? Without question. But the raw emotion he shows in this video, well, it actually hit me.

I’m thrilled he’s able to return to Philly. And I hope he plays well.

2 thoughts on “Allen Iverson: A remarkable press conference”

  1. Having taken issue publicly (to the 5 or 7 readers of our website) with your iverson article, it’s nice and very refreshing to see you reconsider the article after the fact. It really means a lot to see a sportswriter expressing regret over a wrong-minded article he wrote.

    Having said that, I hope you’ll equally reconsider taking a potshot at Notre Dame’s top notch academic focus for the purpose of venerating Hofstra for making a practical economic decision to terminate football.

    It’s quite a bit ridiculous for you to imply that for an athletic director for a school whose football team continues to be one of the most financially successful in the NCAA to focus on a coaching hire somehow impugns its academic administrators for putting an undue emphasis on athletics.

    Especially since Notre Dame consistently outperforms Hofstra academically by any measure imaginable.

    Pretty fucking ridiculous, Jeff.

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