Iverson II

I was e-mailed this link—another Iverson video.

Let me say it again—I genuinely feel bad about my SI.com column of a few weeks ago. I do.

Those in my shoes tend to rip modern athletes over and over again as selfish; greedy, egotistical; obnoxious. Iverson has clearly filled those roles from time to time throughout his career. But the man in the above clip is not someone who belongs alongside T.O. and Stephen Jackson and myriad others.

Again, I hope he kicks ass in Philly. It’d be a wonderful story.

3 thoughts on “Iverson II”

  1. I was surprised when you ripped AI in your column two weeks ago, considering the time he called you up for that feature you were writing on him way back when and told you everything you wanted to know. You remember the one… where you gave up on him beside bus.

    AI’s a good guy. Probably better than 99% of athletes who haven’t went to jail.

  2. I cannot wait for the 30 for 30 documentary coming out on him from Steve James (Hoop Dreams) called “the Trial of Allen Iverson”. Bill Simmons said that, “I have only seen a rough cut. It has a chance to become one of the most important sports documentaries ever.”
    I always thought a movie on Iverson would be amazing if they could find someone to play him. He’s the most interesting/misunderstood and complex guy in sports that I can think of, along with Bill Belichick.

    It’s also a stunning “what if” that Iverson turned down playing Jesus Shuttlesworth in Spike Lee’s HE GOT GAME after his rookie year because he wanted to spend time with friends. Not the greatest movie. Ray Allen knocked that out of the park as far as athlete actors go, but it would be a totally different movie with Iverson and we’d be looking at Iverson differently.

  3. Jeff-
    your original column was right.
    if ever we needed more proof that Iverson’s more concerned with himself than with winning, this press conference provides it.

    he could’ve joined any winning team in a smaller role and taken a shot at winning a title.

    but no, it’s all about HIM returning home and how much HE can still play (in his mind anyway).

    he’s a Hall of Fame scorer and has made a ton of money.

    but he’s also a career loser.

    you had it right the first time.

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