What the hell is this?

Photo on 2009-12-07 at 20.16 #3

So I live in New York, about 30 minutes north of Manhattan, and these bugs are all over my house. Not everywhere, per se, in a gross, they’re-taking-over-the-world sort of way. But I find one every other day, usually sitting on a blanket, hanging from a mirror. They’re winged and seemingly harmless, but I don’t recall ever seeing them before.

Any guesses?

8 thoughts on “What the hell is this?”

  1. Can’t help you with that Jeff, but we have the same problem. Every spring, these weird squishy centipede looking bugs show up in our house, one or two a day. My wife and I call them “despicable bugs”. I wish I had an entomologist friend to help me. Or more than 50 readers on my blog.

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