The contest winner is …


First, the answers.

Top Row: Lydell Mitchell, Earl Campbell, O.J. Anderson, Walter Payton

Second Row: Joe Delaney, Wilbert Montgomery, Franco Harris, Joe Morris

Third Row: Mark van Eeghen, Greg Pruitt, Chuck Muncie, John Riggins

Fourth Row: Mercury Morris, Chuck Foreman, Marcus Dupree, O.J. Simpson

Fifth Row: Billy Sims, Derrick Fenner, Otis Armstrong, Ricky Bell

Sixth Row: Tony Dorsett, Emerson Boozer, Wendell Tyler, Tony Galbreath

Now, the winners. Well, sort of. Nobody scored 100%, but two guys made it through with only one error: Rafael Vela missed Dupree and Greg Milam called Armstrong “Anderson.” Hey, it happens.

Hence, this tie-breaker, for all the marbles (well, a book).

The question—who are these three men? Rafael and Greg, e-mail me at …