Brian Minto


This is Brian Minto. He is a journeyman heavyweight fighter, and a guy worth rooting for. He plays a prominent role in my latest column, which ran today. Because approximately 26 Americans care about boxing anymore, the site didn’t give it much play. But if you feel like reading about a decent man, here’s your shot.

I actually watched his latest fight, against a prized heavyweight named Chris Arreola, while I was sick in bed. Minto was supposed to get killed, but he showed some true grit and courage. I e-mailed his website that night, received a callback the following afternoon. Good guy, solid fighter, worthy of the attention.

1 thought on “Brian Minto”

  1. What a shortsighted, uneducated take Jeff. Expect this from most sportswriters but not from you. 26 Americans like boxing? Where did the 1 million buys for 2 pay per views come from this year? Why are HBO and Showtime ratings both up this year? Why is the next major fight going to be boxing’s biggest EVER?

    Boxing is far from dead. It is a tired cliche that isn’t even true. The facts bear it out. Too bad facts don’t mean anything to the Around the Horn media of these days.

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