Dishonorable II


Let me add to my last post on Brian Kelly.

Today, less than 24 hours after telling his players at Cincinnati that he was leaving, Kelly arrives at Notre Dame, finds his office and meets with his new players.

He begins in South Bend on Monday.

This is his new Twitter message: “Thrilled to be the coach of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Committed to stirring People with PASSION and PURPOSE.”

Seriously, why am I the only person who sees something wrong with this whole scenario? You promise players commitment, loyalty, passion, purpose—and then you leave before the job is even done. I don’t care if it’s “the way things are” or “how it works”—it’s classless bullcrap. How do those kids at Cincinnati feel now? Entering the biggest game of their lives … without their coach.

4 thoughts on “Dishonorable II”

  1. How do we know that it wasn’t Cincinnati that wouldn’t let him coach the bowl game? If you are ND wouldn’t you want your new coach in front of a national tv audience in a big bowl game as commentators talked about his new gig? ND let Weis finish his job with the Pats. Cinci may have wanted to move on and not have recruits see that.

  2. So the ethical thing would have been to immediately handicap his capacity to succeed at his new job? Gotcha.

    Does Kelly owe something to his players? Probably. But do they owe him something after he took a bunch of guys Ohio State didn’t want and put them in the national spotlight three years running? I should think so. And what do they do instead? Rip him before he’s even out the door and call him a liar because they confused ESPN leaking a story with “them being the last to know”

  3. Jeff-
    The problem, as I see it, lies with the NCAA’s recruiting “season.” Kelly, or any head coach has little choice but to move on before the bowl season is done because the recruiting deadlines come so quickly.

    The NCAA needs to move the football deadlines back to mid-March, then conflicts like this one w/ Kelly, Cinci & ND could easily be avoided.

    And Chris, what do Kelly’s players owe him now? Nada.

  4. Cincinnati’s players probably feel a lot like Central Michigan’s players felt a few years ago when Kelly left CMU to take the job at UC.

    It’s the nature of the beast.

    Do those same players feel that loyalty when they choose to go one-and-done in hoops are depart to the NFL after their junior seasons in college?

    Do those players turn in their scholarships when they fail to win enough games to keep their coaches from getting fired?

    It’s a business…and with that comes tough decisions.

    It isn’t always painless, but I don’t think anybody is coming up on the short end of the stick here.

    Cincinnati is in much better shape than it’s every been in. Can they sustain that? Only if they want to…they have to make the commitment to the next coach. They need to build facilities and make UC a destination job.

    The players…remember, most of them committed to UC over programs like Western Michigan and Indiana. They’ll understand just how precious the past three years have been…even if it takes a while.

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