Oy vey


I’ve often used this blog to bash religion. Oftentimes Catholicism, which I really have problems with. So let me change course and take a stab at my own people.

According to a story in today’s New York Times titled, WASHINGTON FUSS OVER WHITE HOUSE HANUKKAH PARTY, many Jews are in an uproar over the upcoming shindig. They wonder why the Obama Adminstration has only invited 450 guests, while the Bush Administration had 600. They’re angry that the invitations term the shindig a “holiday party,” not a “Hanukkah party.” In an article written for a Jewish news agency, a reporter named Tevi Troy said that the Obama White House has given Jews, “a number of reasons to fear that it takes its votes for granted” and that the reduced guest list created “a nagging sense that there may be a studied callousness at work here.”

Give me a f*&^ing break.

To begin with, this sort of pathetic nonsense is the reason I’m so turned off by religion. Can’t eat this. Can’t do that. Gays are sinners. Settlements need to be built. A woman can’t be a priest. Men and women must be separated. Etc … etc. Do people really think a big, all-knowing God is resting atop some clouds, thinking, “Hey! You can’t eat pork! You can’t!”


I like that Bush started the Hanukkah party tradition. I like that Obama’s continuing it.

But gimme a break …

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  1. Jeff, your posts are consistently hilarious – have you ever thought of doing a weekly article like Dave Berry? My only criticism would be to quit using religious generalisations. Get the facts straight before throwing the Jew, Christian, whoever under the bus.

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