I am saddened by …

Joe Lieberman. With every bone in my body.

What a disappointment he is.

What a disappointment.


5 thoughts on “I am saddened by …”

  1. It’s at times like this that it’s hard to tamp-down my inner good ole boy, insular, angry, clannish, vitriolic, revenge-seeking, non-modern male self and just want to go after this guy with everything I’ve got. The Sen. from Aetna just sold out the hope and idealism of a generation and let his own petty, selfish political grievances get in the way of saving tens of thousands of lives by guaranteeing the defeat of meaningful health care. I say strip Lieberman from his leadership post, bring on reconciliation, bring back the public option, shove it down their throats like they did to us for 8 yrs. No more Mr. nice guy.

  2. How dare an independent maintain some semblance of independence? How dare he oppose the Democrats from ramming through a massive expansion of an already suffocating entitlement program ahead of Christmas? What a Scrooge.

  3. Isn’t it time for the Democrats to say F You to their old friend and just cut him down at the knees? Strip him of all seniority, run a high profile Democrat – Blumenthal would be best – and then bid farewell to Good Ole Joe. You know, after they give him what he wants in exchange for his vote because that’s the way DC works.

  4. “I think the danger always is you try to add too much onto a bill,” he told reporters Monday evening. He said he supports the “core” of the bill, including tighter regulations on private insurers, but he wants Democrats to “take off some of this stuff that runs the risk of creating federal debt, and moves toward a government takeover of insurance, which I think would be bad.”

    Man… what an asshole. Imagine a former democrat NOT just using emotional blackmail to give the appearance of solving a problem rather than actually wanting to solve it. What a dick.

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