Dan Fogelberg


I’m not a huge Dan Fogelberg fan. In fact, were it not for “If You Could Read My Mind,” I wouldn’t know any of his songs. It just so happens, however, that “If You Could Read My Mind” is one of the greatest ballads of all time. Seriously, listen to it a few times—just a rich, flavorful, detailed, vivid masterpiece.

Anyhow, I was listening to it a few minutes ago, then visited Fogelberg’s site. He’s been dead for two years, but it’s still maintained. And I thought this note, posted earlier today by his widow, Jean, was really nice:

It doesn’t seem possible it’s been two years since Dan left us. Two months, maybe, or ten years. Depends on the memory that’s running or the song that’s playing. We’ve accomplished a lot in Dan’s name in that time, and he gave us some new music. We’ll always have the music, and Dan lives on in every single note. This year, when “Same Old Lang Syne” comes on the radio, no tears for his passing. Instead, let’s be grateful for the life he lived; the man he was; the amazing talents that enabled him to share his heart and soul with us so beautifully. I wish you all happy, healthy, holidays. Laugh too loud, eat too much, and sing like everyone else in the room is deaf. And naked. Ring in 2010 with hope and great expectations. I can’t wait to see what we’ll do.

~Jean Fogelberg

PS: Ha! Here’s the irony of this post. 2GordonLightfootUpon learning that Gordon Lightfoot, not Dan Fogelberg, sings “If You Could Read My Mind,” I was going to delete the whole thing. But it’s funnier leaving it as is. Gordon is still alive—so, uh, that’s good news, right? Why, he’s even had a bust made of his head. That seems nice.