One of the most disgusting things ever

Sean Hannity, dickhead to end all dickheads, assembles a bunch of 9/11 relatives in his studio and asks them whether the president should be tried for treason.

Let’s count the ways this is evil …

1. Has there ever been a single greater moment of exploitation of victims? Ever?

2. What happened to Hannity’s old-school anger over ripping a president during war? It was sooooooo horrible to criticize Bush when he was commander in chief … but it’s OK to call the current leader treasonous?

3. People watch this s***. And they believe Hannity. He is their source on information. Want to know why this country is more polarized now than any other point in recent history? Hannity, Rush, Coulter, Malkin—on and on and on and on. The liberal media? Where is it? Really, where is it?

4. This is truly the sort of stuff that leads to violence. Real violence.

5. Uhg.

8 thoughts on “One of the most disgusting things ever”

  1. Jeez….i try to watch fox news, but i haven’t been able to bring myself to do it…They just want to scare people by distorting the facts…i’m sorry, but i’d rather have a president that doesn’t spy on his own citizens, or torture people in the name of freedom…

  2. I don’t believe in any of this nonsense about trying Obama for treason, but bringing those terrorists to NYC for trial is a mistake. A gargantuan mistake. It will cost Obama his presidency if Muhammad walks on any technicalities.

  3. If Muhammad walks…really? There is no way in hell anyone being tried in there is going anywhere but prison afterward. No way Jose.

    Also, it appears it would just absolutely kill Hannity to find a 9/11 relative who’s not middle aged and white.

  4. First of all, Hannity’s show is entertainment. You have the choice to watch shows like this, and the reason you may choose to do so would be because their thoughts align with yours. Does this lead to polarization? Potentially. But, for you to ask ‘where is the liberal media’ made me break out into laughter.

    The media’s job is to challenge the President (Government), not to buddy up with them, and help sell their agenda. Almost nearly news outlet with the exception of Fox News and the Wall Street Journal have been firmly planted in the Obama Camp.

  5. Polarizing? How about Olbermann…and Maddow…and Al Franken…and on and on…you are committing the very sin you rail against, you are condemning others for seeing things one way and yet you, too, see things only one way.

  6. Ah, so now we’re counting creeps? Is it any wonder nothing gets done, and when it does it’s done wrong? These are the kinds of inane, pointless exchanges that we have now. Pathetic.

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