A strange thing


After my SI.com column ran today, I started receiving e-mails from people expressing sympathy for my physical plight. I mean, five or six, saying they’ll pray for me, and that it must be hard to have limited use of my legs.

Which is very nice, but, eh, the column was about Dave Pear.

Please do me a favor: Read the column and tell me if there’s some confusion over this.


10 thoughts on “A strange thing”

  1. The only possible thing I could think of is that you said you were sitting in a chair, right before talking about all of the pain Pear is in. Maybe people didn’t notice the shift in subject and thought you were still talking about yourself? It’s clear to me, but Steve’s right about there being lots of dumbasses out there. 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for writing about Dave Pear. Folks who follow the link to his website will learn the sad truth, that Pear’s situation is more the norm than the exception for former players.

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