Praise Christmas


As an ordained minister (see photo), I am happy to hear that Rep. Henry Brown, Republican from South Carolina, is taking on what I consider to be this nation’s most pressing issue: The war on Christmas.

Brown introduced a resolution this month asking that the House express support for the use of Christmas symbols and traditions and frown upon any efforts to bad references to the beloved holiday. “Each year I could see a diminishing value of the spiritual part of Christmas,” he said. “It would seem like another group would go from the Christmas spirit to the holiday spirit.”

I agree with Brown 100%. No, 1,000%. Why, just three days ago I took my daughter Casey to New York City for a day of Christmas fun. We roamed the streets, visited Santa at Macy’s gazed up at the tree in Rockefeller Center. Yet what truly staggered us were the large masses of people offering a proverbial middle finger to the meaning of Christmas. Tons upon tons upon tons of people, many of them angry, literally ignoring the birth of Christ and the miracle of the Virgin Mary by …

… shopping.


Crazy Rep. Brown, if you’re searching for the culprits who have robbed Christmas of its meaning, look no further than the nearest Target.

It’s all right there.

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  1. ironic, that christians made up christmas as a marketing tool to promote their religion because muslims, jews and pagans all had their own special celebrations in december… yet they think they originated the december celebrations, and think it should be the only one recognized in this country.

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