Just saw it tonight.

In a word: Dazzling.

A truly great action-adventure movie. Actually, a truly great movie.

Was initially turned off by the 3-D. Recently took the kids to see Toy Story in 3-D, and it was awful. Way too deliberate, in a look-how-cool-this-is sort of way. But James Cameron didn’t go that route here. Within minutes of the beginning, I forgot I was wearing the glasses … just found myself absorbed by a terrific film. Immediately takes its place as No. 2 on my all-time-favorites list, right behind the Cable Guy.

Just stunning.

4 thoughts on “Avatar”

  1. sticking your ponytail in animals?

    script with so many bad cliches! “yout not in kansas anymore” come get some”

    everything michelle rodrguez’ character says in the film

    worthington and weaver and everyone but lang stinkig up the acting side

    big blue smurfs running around on dinosaurs?

    your number 2 movie of all time?

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