If Dave Pear were not enough of a reminder …


… of the evil side of the NFL, read this saga of one of my all-time favorite players.


4 thoughts on “If Dave Pear were not enough of a reminder …”

  1. “Goodell told Congress in October that there is “no issue to which I have devoted more time and attention than the health and well-being of NFL players, and particularly our retired players.””

    yeah right.

  2. To continue Tom’s Goodell quote from above, “In fact, I make sure to read everything I can about it every morning while I’m sitting on my throne.”

    I mean, Roger should forget about sacking Dr. No and all those other idiots he surrounds himself with. Instead start with canning your PR firm FIRST. The stuff they feed you to say only makes you look even worse. Better still, fire your PR people and try speaking from your heart instead. Oh wait – a PR firm DOESN’T write the stuff you say? Never mind…

  3. Roger Goodell does not care if retired players live or if we die! His concern is to maintain his $12,000,000 annual salary from the owners. However, the winds of change are blowing. On 10/28/09 in Wasgington DC, Rep. Maxine Waters, Linda Sanchez and Gay Culverhouse scolded Roger Goodell. Rep. Maxine Waters said, “it is time to remove the anti trust exemption”. Linda Sanchez compared the concussion cover up to the Tobacco cover up as they use to deny the harmful effects of smoking. And Gay Culverhouse who is the daughter of former owner Hugh Culverhouse and the President of an NFL team for 10 years and she said that the NFL doctors work for the interest of the NFL and NOT the injured players. Roger you can no longer mislead Congress. Retired players are seeking pension/disability reform and medical after football. Will your legacy be the loss of the “anti trust exemption” on your watch? When will this fraud stop?

    Dave Pear
    NFL 1975-1980
    Pro Bowl 1978
    Super Bowl XV
    Social Security Disability at the age of 51

  4. Dave, you helped put Tampa on the map and believe it or not you’ve always occupied a place in some of our hearts. I know only a small part of what has been done (or ignored) by the NFL concerning injured retirees but please know that at least some Bucs fans stand behind you. Is there not a petition or particular organization we should communicate with on behalf of the injured ?

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