Spent the day with the wife yesterday. Ate Greek food at a restaurant called Opa (mediocre), read much of 1776 (terrific), saw two moves—Nine (dreadful) and Did You Hear About the Morgans? (A shameful piece of manure that rotted at least 800 of my remaining brain cells). Hence, didn’t have much time to watch football.

What I did see, however, annoyed the hell out of me. Passed a TV during the third quarter of the Jets-Colts game, with Indianapolis trailing behind a quarterback named … Curtis Painter. Curtis Painter!? In other words, as everyone knows by now, the Colts decided to ignore a legitimate pursuit of football immortality in the name of merely winning a Super Bowl and guarding health. This is not surprising, considering the generally conservative thinking that exists in the NFL. But it is foolish. You have a chance—a seemingly good chance—to go 16-0; to become the first team to ever go 16-0 and win a championship. It’d put you on the map forever; land you an exhibit in the Hall of Fame; have people chasing your ghost long after you’re gone. It’s immortality.

But, no. The Colts’ lone goal is winning a Super Bowl. Which happens every year. Which is forgotten as quickly as it happens. Hell, walk into any Marshall’s right about now, and you’ll find 2009 NEW YORK YANKEES WORLD SERIES CHAMPION T-shirts on sale for $7.99. And who won in 2008? In 2007? In 2006? Uh … not sure. Have to think about it.

Now the Colts will walk a similarly worn path. Yet another team winning another Super Bowl.


7 thoughts on “Shortsighted”

  1. Perhaps, but maybe the Patriots choked a couple of years back because they got lazy or thought the Giants would be a walk in the park… or maybe the Giants were extra-motivated to cram the 17-0 record in the Patriots’ collective faces, which they did… Either way, I’m pretty sure if the Pats had been 15-1 or 14-2, they would have four championships now instead of three.

  2. Congratulations, Darrin, you can name the World Series champions for three whole years! But can you tell me who won the Super Bowl in 1971? Or 1973-1979 for that matter? I bet you can’t spout those off quite as easily.

    But most sports fans can remember the 1972 Dolphins, and not because they won a championship.

  3. Cowboys beat Dolphins in Super Bowl VI.

    In order for the rest:

    Dolphins over Vikings
    Steelers over Vikings
    Steelers over Cowboys
    Raiders over Vikings
    Cowboys over Broncos
    Steelers over Cowboys
    Steelers over Rams

    I can also remember the 1985 Bears, who went 18-1.

    I remember the 1999 Rams, even though they lost two games midseason and completely tanked the last game against the Eagles — Warner played a quarter; Faulk a half and Bruce not at all.

    The 2000 Ravens are considered to be the among the best defenses in league history. I’d like you to go ahead and tell Ray Lewis he isn’t special and he’s meh.

    Go ahead, Jeff. We’ll be right behind you.

    1. Darrin, with all due respect, stop drinking the punch and step away from the small scope. Super Bowl winners are, factually, forgotten. Perhaps not by the most die-hard sports fans among us, but by the majority of people. I’m like you—I remember most of this shit. We’re rare.
      You go undefeated, however, everyone remembers. Absolutely everyone.

  4. There are 53 guys and a coaching staff that will always know who won Super Bowl XLIV. That will be good enough.

    The fact that they need to do something more to satisfy the media is crap.

    I think there is a strong case to be made that the Colts made the wrong call. Losing momentum, irritating Manning, and the appearance of picking one opponent to make the playoffs over another all could be bad ideas.

    But this gnashing and wailing over “history” is crap.

    This is about the media wanting a fresh angle to cover and now this latest line of bullshit — it’s somehow less worthy unless it’s undefeated — is just silly.

    Again, tell me that the 2000 Ravens — who looked HORRIBLE in the middle of that season — aren’t remembered.

    Most fans remember that a team won a championship. Maybe they don’t know the Roman numeral or the opponent or much about the game.

    But they know.

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