In search of a new sport

Photo on 2010-12-29 at 09.39

I’m 37-years old, and I think I need a new sport.

For three decades, I’ve been a runner. Ran my first 10K at age 8, and have probably competed in, oh, 500 road races. Partook in high school and college (badly) track and cross country. Have run 11 marathons. Always thought of my legs as indestructible, because I’ve never been badly injured … never broke down.

Now, to my great sadness, I’m breaking down. My left knee is a big bony lump. It hurts whenever I try and run, whether it’s a jog or a sprint; whether it’s grass or pavement. I’m extremely down, because running has brought me so much joy. But I don’t want to be one of these guys, 50-years old and limping around, trying to dig out one last marathon before breaking out the cane.

So, I ask, what can be my new sport? I play hoops every Thursday night, but I’m looking for something else. Something fun, something that doesn’t destroy knees, something that relieves stress and gives a guy time to think.

Anyone …