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Look, I like The Who. I really do. But can anyone here explain to me:

A. Why they’re the halftime entertainment at the Super Bowl?

B. Why NBC keeps hyping them as the halftime entertainment at the Super Bowl?

It makes me sad my Grandma Mollie is deceased, because at age 94 she would have been happy to have watched her musical contemporaries. But, again … The Who? In 2010. Who’s opening for them, Grandmaster Flash? Dennis DeYoung? The Drifters? It’s a perplexing choice (to be kind), in that all these firms (save for Smith Prune Juice Co.) spending millions to advertise on Super Bowl Sunday aren’t looking for the 70-and-over market. And, if you’re 24, you’re changing the channel.

Hell, if you’re 64 you’re changing the channel.

The Who? Really?

10 thoughts on “The Who”

  1. mix and match:

    the super bowl is on cbs.

    csi + csi:miami are on cbs.

    csi + csi:miami use songs by the who as their themes.

    the super bowl is in miami.

    beyonce, green day & lady gaga are unavailable.

  2. I think the question you need to ask is, what is wrong with today’s music that we have to keep using yesterday’s popular bands/artists?

    Riddle me that, Caped Crusader!

  3. I hope David Caruso comes out and introduces him with his CSI openers, “I think this halftime show…(puts on sun glasses) won’t get fooled again” yyyEEAAAAaaahhhhhh….

  4. I’m a big fan of the Who, but I actally agree with you, Jeff. Aren’t advertisers supposed to be reaching young people? How exactly is the Who supposed to help them do that?
    I would think Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift or someone that young people actually like would be a more appropriate choice. I have no idea why they keep insisting on using music artists for the halftime show that haven’t had a significant hit in at least 15 years prior to their performance, although I suspect that network fears of another “wardrobe malfunction” have something to do with it.

  5. Easy…SAFE. Ever since Janet showed “the ring” a few years ago the powers that be I think feel It’s easier to throw on a classic rock band because they don’t have to worry about any shenanigans. Isn’t it sad now though that The Who are considered safe???

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