Hate mail


Sometimes I am so blown away by the angry e-mails I receive that I post them here.

Today, I received the worst one ever. It read, simply:

I am so glad they cut off your head in Pakistan.

This is clearly a reference to Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter who was murdered in 2002 in Karachi, Pakistan. The question is, Who would ever, ever, ever write such a thing? I mean, I’m truly fascinated by this:

Step A—I write a column bashing Hall of Fame voters.

Step B—You disagree strongly with my take.

Step C—You write,I am so glad they cut off your head in Pakistan.”

Is it supposed to be funny? Cruel? Threatening? Is there any sensitivity to the fact that a real person actually was murdered? Or, in this age of smack-talking bull*&^$, is that insignificant?

Just sad.

7 thoughts on “Hate mail”

  1. Disgusting. Possibly a drunk who just free-associated between Pearl and Pearlman. Possibly an anti-Semite, drunk or sober, doing same.

    Whatever the case, it’s as efficiently offensive a comment as I have seen in a long time. Like me, Jeff, you probably know WSJ and other folks who knew Danny Pearl and who still grieve his fate.

    My read from this distance: Show them you care no more for their thoughts than for the poop you will flush down the toilet tonight. Ignore them, so they know they are beneath contempt.

  2. There’s no arguing with the premise of that HOF voting column! Period! That tells me all I need to know about the knucklehead who wrote that e-mail.

  3. I concur with Mr. Wood’s post. Well-said, Mr. Wood.

    It’s one thing to disagree with something you’ve written. I’ve done that, and to your credit, you listened to my response and offered your rebuttal. No name calling, no threats, no insults; just a disagreement between two adults.

    Unfortunately, we have a plethora of people who revel in the anonymity of the Internet and use it to say things that they wouldn’t have the nerve to say in “real life”. Saying something like, “You suck, Pearlman” is bad enough. To make a reference to an act of violence is beyond the pale. If someone feels that enraged by Jeff’s posts, perhaps he should avoid jeffpearlman.com.

  4. Jeff, I love you. Don’t always agree with you, but that is SICK. Shake it off. People – ok, let me revise that – SOME people are sick. That is really disgusting.

  5. I don’t actually understand the premise of the hate mail.

    “I’m so glad they cut your head off”

    They do understand that if anyone cuts Jeff’s head off, he won’t be able to receive e-mail, right?

    I disagree with you a lot, Jeff, but I agree with you more. That’s why I keep coming back. Hang in there!

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