Watch this

If nothing else, watch the first 1 1/2 minutes. Friggin’ amazing. How does this person host a show? And how does this woman have a voice?

Dear God. Reading from your own journal? The Statue of Liberty out the window?

Lord, help us. Please help us.

PS: Andrew Sullivan was good enough to transcribe Beck’s opening passage, which was—in the most self-indulgent moment in recorded television—from straight from his diary. I love how, when he says that, Palin nods knowingly—two nuts bonding: Tomorrow I meet Sarah Palin and family for the first time. I am actually a little nervous as she is one of the only people that I can see who can possibly lead us out of where we are in. I don’t know yet if she’s strong enough if she’s well-enough advised, or if she knows she can no longer trust anyone. I don’t know if she can lead us and not lose her soul.

5 replies on “Watch this”

I wonder if Beck’s diary has a drawing of a unicorn gouging a Mexican on the front cover?

And I bet that Beck dots all of the i’s and j’s with itty-bitty swastikas.

What a Lil’ Scamp!


I’ve found the most cathartic way to dismiss Mrs. Palin is to refer to her as “Para Salin.”

Analogies just draw themselves after giving her that moniker.


I was more perplexed than amused by this video..were they speaking English? The words were “English” but put together in such a mangled and awkward manner..I can’t say I understood a single thing either of them said..


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