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My five favorite songs


I’m sitting in Cosi, sipping on a drink, digging through clips of the 1984 NFL pre-season. Started making a mental list—my five favorite songs of all time.

Here they are.

1. Moon River, Henry Mancini—A perfect song, from start to finish. And I’ve never even seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

2. Soup, Blinnd Melon—The most underrated tune by the most underrated band of the 1990s. Oddly, their second album was called Soup, yet the band was so hopped up on drugs that they forgot to place the title track on the disc. So Soup actually appears on their third CD, Nico.

3. Traveling Soldier, Dixie Chicks—Fantastic imagery by a fantastic trio. Behind Hall & Oates and Melon as my all-time favorite group.

4. Georgie, Hall & Oates—I once interviewed Oates and asked him about this song. He had pretty much forgotten it. Appeared on the duo’s first album, Whole Oates. I sing it to my son every night (in the tune, however, a kid dies. In my version, she sneezes).

5. Sexual Healing, Marvin Gaye—When I was a kid my mom didn’t like Brother and I listening to this. The guy had such a wonderful voice, and it’s better than ever right here.

Let’s hear your list …