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Today’s column …


is on the laughable Tennessee football fans who showed significantly greater anger over the departure of their coach than the plight of hundreds of thousands of Haitians.

It’s a pathetic statement on the way sports can rot minds, and how we’ve lost complete perspective on what’s important. Truth is, the Tennessee situation happens to be a timely example. Yet across America, from Duke and North Carolina to USC and UCLA, people play waaaaaaay too great an emphasis on wins and loses, triumphs and defeats.

I love sports. But I’ve gotta laugh when I see these adult buffoons dressed to the hilt in overpriced sports duds, their faces painted, their screams primal, taking out all their aggression on a 21-year-old kid. It’s lame. But also humiliating. And the odd part? Most athletes would agree with me. While they’ll always pump their fists toward the stands in visual appreciation, behind the scenes most athlete don’t get the loons, either. How many current UT players will one day wind up in the stands, faces painted, cheeks red? I’m guessing four. Five, max.


PS: Some of the letters I’ve received have been laughable. Here are a couple, sans names …

You article was in fact ridiculous.   Why don’t you stop writing your silly articles and maybe donate your time to helping those in need in Haiti.  Your perspective is very immature.   You must have not been accepted by your peers while in Tennessee.   But just because you were rejected don’t take it out on us.  Do me a favor go to your mirror and look very close.  What do you see?  A selfish, self absorbed, ego maniac with a inferiority complex?  That’s what I see.

Your pathetic


I am so glad you pointed out the misplaced values of Tennessee fans. I mean really you should be focusing in on how you can help, o wait, you chose to mock and belittle a group of fans rather than write about Haiti connecting it someway with sports, so that makes you just a big of an a** hole as those who over reacting to Kiffins leaving.  I am a Tennessee fan, and am pissed that he chose to leave after doing all he has done in the last year.  And imagine I gave money to Haitian relief.
Who has their priorities wrong, average Vol Fan who is pissed or guy with big voice ( media) who writes about sports fans instead of Haiti.