The world is melting …

… our president seems toothless, our Senate is terrible, our Congress even worse. The weather is freezing, my feet smell and hot chocolate is more fattening than I ever imagined.

I NEED good news today.

Enter, this …

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  1. There were a number of these stories yesterday – I can only imagine the encouragement they give to rescue workers used to having to give up after 72 hours. My son is in Port au Prince with the Marines; the heat, the dust, the disorganization and the “fragrance” of decomposition all work against keeping hope — but a single incident like this will energize these heroes for another day or two.

    And, Jeff, don’t despair over our political state right now. The good news is, the Republicans finally DO have a health care reform plan:

    Get wealthy. All their friends are doing it, why not you?

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