State of the Union


Told myself I wouldn’t watch tonight’s State of the Union.

Told myself again.

And again.

And again.

Then (sigh) I watched it. Not all of it. But a good chunk. And, once again, I’m reminded why I voted for Barack Obama. Yes, he’s a great speaker. But the message was one I largely agree with—taking accountability, looking forward, confronting Republicans for their stubborn refusal to back anything he does. Am I happy about the sudden dismissal of real health reform? No. But politics sucks.

My favorite part of tonight, however, was the Republican response, offered by Bob McDonnell, Virignia’s governor for 11 days. Although the GOP almost always seems to kill the Dems when it comes to pure politics, it somehow goes brain numb when the time comes for a televised response to the president. Last time it was Bobby Jindal, the Louisiana governor who stared blankly into the camera and spoke to Americans as if we were mentally impaired second graders. That didn’t work, so now McDonnell spoke from the Virginia capitol, a seemingly regal, presidential place to show strength and power.

It was ludicrous.

McDonnell strolled in to a standing ovation. He shook hands, waved, nodded, grinned, hugged. The whole scene was supposed to rival the president’s address, only it was, well, fake. Phony. Bullshit. Republican supporters instructed to stand and applaud wildly. It came off as yet another scripted political ploy, when what would have served the Republicans best would be a straight, intelligent speech.


PS: I love how Obama ran off myriad tax cuts, and the Republicans still refused to applaud. Seriously, what does it take for us to have a little give-and-take in this country. Here’s the clip—toward the end.

PPS: The money line from McDonnell’s speech: “We are blessed here in America with vast natural resources, and we must use them all.” Uh, no. We are blessed here in America with vast natural resources, and we must not use them all. We must be selective and intelligent.

6 thoughts on “State of the Union”

  1. What was with the guys in military uniform up front. They didn’t applaud for ANYTHING (except for taking care of veterans when they come back from war). They just sat there and didn’t flinch while everybody else cheered. I loved the one about gays in the military, not one response.

  2. It is pretty established protocol that the military guys aren’t supposed to show any reaction.

    My favorite was when he bitch-slapped the Supreme Court. Separation of powers does not mean one branch doesn’t get to say, “WTF?” to another.

  3. I just read the Republican response again and, frankly, I’m not sure what it is with which you disagree. The only thing of substance you point out is the issue regarding utilizing our own natural resources. I don’t understand why liberals insist that while we must continue using fossil fuels, we must ensure that we only utilize resources from other nations, particularly those whose interests are hostile to our own.

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