Today’s column …


… is about Steve Walsh, the former University of Miami star who quarterbacked both the Saints and Colts during his lengthy NFL career.

I spent a solid chunk of time on the phone with Steve, who I first met while researching Boys Will Be Boys. He actually has a pretty odd pro run. Was selected first in the supplemental draft … after the Cowboys had already taken Troy Aikman No. 1 in the general draft. Dallas’ coach, Jimmy Johnson, loved Walsh, and wanted him to start in 1989. But the pressure was pretty immense, and while Walsh was plenty smart (I liken him to Chad Pennington), he had a fairly weak arm (I liken him to Chad Pennington). The Cowboys traded Steve to the Saints in 1990, and while he had flashes, his limited passing range was exposed. Or, as one New Orleans teammate told me for the book, “Steve’s arm was a wet noodle.”

That said, he’s a cool guy; universally liked; eternally professional. With all the talent in Dallas, I’ve wondered more than once what would have happened had Johnson kept Walsh and dumped Aikman.

My honest guess—some very good years, but not three Super Bowl titles.