The lost movie

On Sept. 7, 2001, a movie called Rock Star hit theatres.

It starred Mark Wahlberg as the lead singer of a heavy metal tribute band who eventually joins Steel Dragon, the band he idolizes (If this sounds familiar, it’s loosely based upon the plight of Tim “Ripper” Owens, who became Judas Priest’s singer after a lengthy career in a Priest cover band). Jennifer Anniston co-stars as Wahlberg’s girlfriend, and Dominic West is superb as Dragon’s lead guitarist.

Anyhow, four days after the film’s release, the 9.11 attacks took place.

And that was that for Rock Star.

Most people I know have never seen Rock Star. Most people I know have never heard of Rock Star. This is a shame. As I sit here writing, Rock Star is on HBO, and I love it. I’ve always loved it. Great movie. Best Wahlberg performance (save for Boogie Nights), and West, once again, is dazzling. The critics sort of panned it, but Rock Star is one of those films I can watch over and over again without getting bored.

Give it a look.


3 thoughts on “The lost movie”

  1. The Departed


    Both my favorite Marky Mark movies. Haven’t seen Boogie Nights and I didn’t care much for Rock Star.

  2. ^wow. How the hell have you not seen BOOGIE NIGHTS? That’s one of the best movies of the last 15 years. Also, THREE KINGS has to be mentioned. His role in I HEART HUCKABEES is great, but it’s a movie that’s a bit out there. FOUR BROTHERS is an enjoyably good bad movie. I need to check out SHOOTER.

    ROCK STAR is so ridiculous. I may have to give that another shot. Haven’t checked it out in 5 years or so.

    THE BIG HIT is another underrated Wahlberg movie mocking action movies.

    I remember Dominic West more as McNulty from the greatest TV show of all time in THE WIRE.

  3. Jeff…love the movie (well, not love as in the way I loved The Departed, but it was entertaining).

    Shooter was good too and I liked Boogie Nights.

    Back on topic…Rock Star was pretty good. I’ve seen it several times. Wahlberg is legit at what he does, but I was never a fan of Marky Mark and the Fun Bunch.

    I’m glad he’s back to Mark Wahlberg.

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