Are the Grammys a joke?


When I was a kid, the Grammys meant something. If a performer won Best New Artist or Album of the Year, I’d most likely check the product out. Was I naive? Sure. But, in my eyes, a Grammy win was huge.

Now, well, uh, not so much. During tonight’s show, we will learn if Hall & Oates wins a Grammy in the category of Best Pop Performance by a Group or Duo with Vocals. The song they’re nominated for is Sara Smile, which is off of their 2008 album Live at the Troubadour and which was originally recorded by the duo … more than 30 years ago.

Let me say that again: They’re being nominated for a song that was recorded when I was an infant. Not only that—Hall & Oates have recorded Sara Smile live, oh, at least a dozen times. And this one sounds just like the other one. Which sounds like the other one. Which sounds like the other one. Which sounds like …

I love Hall. I love Oates.

But this make zero sense.

7 thoughts on “Are the Grammys a joke?”

  1. When the Grammy’s became lame:

    1. When Jethro Tull won over Metallica for Best Hard Rock performance

    2. Jonas Brothers- Best New Artist

  2. The Grammys are like Miss America. Vestigal awards programming that no one really cares about and is totally irrelevant, but has too much history to just kill.

  3. The industry is always whining about poor album sales, attacking electronic distribution of music as the enemy, but they are blind to the real issue: a lack of contemporary talent.

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