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According to today’s New York Post, the Mets never gave pitcher J.J. Putz—a known sufferer of bone spurs in his right elbow—a physical before acquiring him from Seattle last winter.

Then (gasp!) he got hurt.

Although Putz is a small enough name for the news to stay pretty quiet, it’s staggering, pathetic and classic Mets ’10. People can talk about the Pirates or Orioles or Royals being the worst organizations in baseball, but, truth be told, the Metropolitans own the title. They are royally inept, from Jeff Wilpon at the top to Omar as the general manager to Jerry Manuel, a so-so skipper with some genuinely questionable managerial skills. I was actually talking about this with a friend the other day: When’s the last time an organization earned a Grade-F offseason while still adding one of the two or three top available free agents? Yes, Jason Bay will bring more to the lineup than a Felix Martinez. But where, oh, where, is the pitching depth? The rotation is a legit No. 1 in Johan Santana, followed by two No. 4 starters (John Maine and Mike Pelphrey) and a complete and total loon (Oliver Perez) who is this close to starring for the Yuma Scorpions.

If you’re a Mets fan, how can you enter 2010 with anything but dread and despair? Your team boasts a handful of marquee players (David Wright, Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran, Bay, Santana) and significantly more sludge. You desperately needed a catcher—and added Henry Blanco. You desperately needed arms—and added Kelvim Escobar. You needed a new, state-of-the-art stadium, and built a beautiful one—with outfield dimensions that’d scare off half the league’s hitters.

The 2010 Mets: 75 wins, 87 losses, loads of laughs.

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  1. The talent pool in MLB has been spread too thin for years now. There was talk of contraction (would ANYBODY miss the Marlins?) at one time, but it never went anywhere because the union would have none of it.

  2. uh…gary…don’t look now but the marlins (definitely) and nats (possibly) have more talent then the muts….

    sure a lot of this has to do with talent being spread too thin (tell me a professional league where this isn’t the case), but this is mostly a case where bad management has taken this franchise down…

    as long as team wilpon owns this club w/out a partner, muts fans like myself are doomed…jeffey wilpon is as poor a baseball man as his daddy fred…

  3. I hate having to defend the Mets since I think they do stupid things all the time, but you pushed me, man. I’m surprised JJ Putz didn’t blame the Mets for arriving in camp as fat as he’d ever been.

    The Mets acknowledged they knew Putz had bone spurs at the time they acquired him. Putz also had physical exams during spring training and prior to the World Baseball Classic, which he certainly didn’t have to do if he was in such pain.

    No, the Mets’ real mistake was trading for Putz in the first place. And the only reason they did so was to satisfy fan/media bloodlust in the wake of the 2008 bullpen troubles. Trading 6 guys for a $10 million closer not to close was a recipe for disaster from the start, and the Mets pretty much got what they deserved.

    It’s also why, although my hopes aren’t too high for 2010, that I’m glad they didn’t go over the top again with showy moves for dubious purposes. And this was the right offseason to do just that.

    Beyond Halladay/Lee and Vasquez, the available pitching was underwhelming and barely anyone has a good catcher anymore, much less an available one. Who would you have selected? Yorvit Torrealba is still out there!

  4. “The fish stinks from the head down.”

    At least the Mets didn’t overpay for Bengie Molina the way they did for Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez.

    That’s not saying much, is it? Oh, god. The Mets!

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