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Soda, farewell …


About eight months ago I gave up soda. I went six months without drinking any (well, I might have had two), then slipped, fell, plopped, plunged, crushed.

Soda had me by the throat. I love soda. On a hot July day. With pizza. By the fire. I love it. LOVE it. Not diet soda, but the real stuff. With cherry flavored. Or another snazzy contraption. Dr. Pepper Cherry. Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray. When Vanilla Coke hit the scene five years ago, I went crazy. Soda, soda, soda, soda (My five favorites: Coke, Cherry Coke, Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray, cream, Sunkist).

The problem is, soda is, sort of literally, like dumping battery acid down your throat and into your system. It’s insanely high in sugar and remarkably fattening. Ir provides zero positives, outside of taste. According to the Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, “Soft drinks have long been suspected of leading to lower calcium levels and higher phosphate levels in the blood. When phosphate levels are high and calcium levels are low, calcium is pulled out of the bones. The phosphate content of soft drinks like Coca -Cola and Pepsi is very high, and they contain virtually no calcium.” According to Dr. James Howenstine, “In an interesting experiment the sugar from one soft drink was able to damage the white blood cells’ ability to ingest and kill gonococcal bacteria for seven hours. Soft drinks also contain large quantities of phosphorus, which when excreted pulls calcium out of the bones. Heavy users of soft drinks will have osteoporosis along with their damaged arteries.”

In short, soda is liquid cigarette, without the smell and nastiness. So, beginning today, I am once again giving up soda. Hopefully this post will keep me honest.

If anyone has any good alternative beverage suggestions, I’d love to hear ’em …