The Football Dream


In my dreams, the members of KISS never remove their makeup. In my dreams, soda is as healthy as water. In my dreams, The Cable Guy wins the Academy Award every year, Hall & Oates are the Beatles and I am sitting in my house in Manhattan Beach, overlooking the Pacific.

Also in my dreams, the USFL still exists, what with its dazzling helmets, funky uniforms and unpredictable offensive schemes.

Alas, it is not to be.

Damn, that was a great league …

8 thoughts on “The Football Dream”

  1. of all the pictures you posted, Herschel is the one and only one I recognized as the picture loaded from the top down (before the name became visible.

    Damn he was an awesome player.

  2. Oh man, we had the Portland Breakers for, maybe 2 years? Buford Jordan!

    one of the many “2nd professional teams” in Portland

  3. I, too, was always a big fan of the USFL myself. Thought that had a shot of making a dent… and in a way it did with some of the rules changes it eventually forced on the NFL (instant replay, etc).

    Remember Steve Young’s $43M contract at the time?! ASTRONOMICAL.

    The current recession notwithstanding, the Jaguars owe a deft of gratitude to the USFL as well for showing football could exist in a small market like Jacksonville.

    Long live the USFL!

  4. Boston Breakers is my favorite team name/logo of all time. When I heard the name, I figured the logo would be a strong man breaking something. Instead, it’s a serene image of a wave breaking.

  5. It is possible that the USFL could have made it if Trump hadn’t been involved. He was responsible for getting the league to move the games to go against the NFL. No way they were going to beat out the NFL. ESPN on its 30-30 series did a great show on the USFL. Trump sat down for an interview and as usual showed just what an asswipe he is.

  6. Living in Detroit, It was awesome to have a Champsionship caliber professional football team in town. Even though it was short-lived. The Michigan Panthers of Anthony Carter, Bobby Hebert and John Corker were awesome! Good football in Detroit..ah what a sweet memory.

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