Disgusting, or just a life occurance?

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Just walked to the bathroom here at the local Starbucks. The door opened, and a woman came out. She had been in there for a solid 10 minutes, so one would have to guess she was—in the words of my daughter—pooping.

As she exited, she had a drink in her hand, with a straw sticking out.


Am I alone in thinking this is sorta gross? All those poop and piss germs floating around the tiny 12×12 john, just looking for a straw or lid to land on. I’ve been told repeatedly that the importance in washing one’s hands is to wash and thoroughly dry, because germs gravitate toward moisture.

So, again, ew.

2 thoughts on “Disgusting, or just a life occurance?”

  1. I have seen something similar in public mens rooms usually at ball games. A guy standing at the urinal with his beer in one hand and Mr. Johnson in the other. It just gives me the willies.

  2. At least it was only a drink. I was standing at a urinal once when a co-worker sidled up to the adjoining urinal. He, too, had his equipment in one hand (presumably), but I could see his other hand, which he was using to hold a plate stacked with donuts.

    I like donuts as much as the next person, but that dampened my enthusiasm for them for a long time.

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