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Was visiting a few minutes ago when I spotted a post headed, FIVE THINGS I THINK ABOUT PETER KING’S MEDIA DAY OUTFIT, with the following picture …


Having worked for Sports Illustrated, and now, for a long time, I’ve always been proud to call Peter a colleague. He’s a genuinely nice and decent man who does incredible work covering the NFL. I consider his Monday Morning QB column a must-read, and I trust his takes on the league more than any other writer.

I get the attempt at humor here, but it strikes me as at its worst. First, it’s mean. Second, it’s petty. Third, and perhaps most important, who the hell cares what a reporter wears to Super Bowl Media Day? Heck, the entire event is a joke to begin with—all the players made available so they can be asked inane and mind-numbing questions from the (well-dressed?) members of our profession. I wouldn’t say Peter looks especially dapper in his garb, but I assure you he asked better questions of the players than those people mocking his appearance.

And, come day’s end, that’s what it’s all about.

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