The Super Bowl


I’ve never had a better run picking games than this post-season. Only two wrong—Pack-Cards and Jets-Chargers. Pretty good.

I love this Super Bowl matchup. Two high-flying teams, to insanely magical quarterbacks, two coaches who have never been here, a city itching for its first Super Bowl title vs. a city battling to be known as the era’s best franchise. Peyton, Drew, Reggie, Dwight, Reggie, Marques, Shockey, Joseph, Vilma—wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.

So what will happen:

Colts 38

Saints 24

Peyton’s legacy—better than ever …


1 thought on “The Super Bowl”

  1. Colts 46
    Saints 24

    Nice pics of Bert Jones aka The Ruston Rifle and Earl Campbell aka The Tyler Rose!! Nobody ran like Earl except maybe a Mack Truck.

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