Today’s column …


… a random vent on idiots who talk on their cell phones at the gym.

Maddening stuff.

5 thoughts on “Today’s column …”

  1. Loved it. And I work in retail; don’t even get me started about the idiots that prattle on their phones while they’re wandering through the store. And, it’s the same thing; we can’t say anything to them because we can’t offend any precious customers. So, yeah, the jerk who was having an oh so important conversation while leaning on the stockroom door the other night? All I could say was “excuse me” each of the 30 times I went through that door. I couldn’t shove my carriage full o’ stuff up her ass, like I wanted to.

  2. My favorites are the airline passengers who the very moment the wheels touch the ground are furiously dialing to tell someone the plane has landed.

  3. My dream –and it is a dream, because I have to hit the Lotto jackpot to make it happen– is to open an art-house movie theater where cell phones are not allowed. I’ll have ushers to enforce the rule, and it will be kind of prominent, “Cell Phones Are NOT Permitted Inside The Auditorium.” (I also have other rules, like you cannot enter the auditorium once the movie has started.) This is a definite money-losing operation, so that’s why I have to hit the lottery jackpot to make it happen… and survive financially.

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