Bad Ln.


When USC hired Lane Kiffin as its coach, people at the school cheered.

I moaned.

If one thing seems obvious, it’s that Kiffin is just another in he long line of Calipari-esque slime-balls who’ll do anything to better his own standing. Just look at his approach and antics at Tennessee this past year, when he talked much trash, mocked opponents—then, when a better offer came along, bolted.

I bring Kiffin up because, for those of you who have yet to see this, USC has successfully recruited a Delaware quarterback named David Sills to join the program. By all accounts, Sills possesses a strong arm, sound instincts and overwhelming talent. Oh, and he’s a 5-11, 136-pound 13-year old.

Yes, 13.

To cite Peter King from today’s MMQB column, “It’s depraved for an institute of higher education to guarantee a seventh grader a scholarship. It’s irresponsible for parents to commit their son to such a major decision five-and-a-half years before he has to make it.” Peter’s right—who does this crap? What sort of school promises a 13-year old a football scholarship? And what sort of parents accept it.

At age 13, I was watching cartoons on Saturday mornings. I didn’t drive, grasp calculus or smoke crack. I knew absolutely nothing.

Congrats, USC.