Point. Tipped.

When it comes to social issues, Fox News is usually the last to come around.

Fox News has come around.

Most of the network’s coverage of gays in the military has been shockingly progressive. Which it should be, because—truth be told—no arguments remain for keeping gay and lesbians from serving, and serving without fear. Truth is, our military has been overextended for years, and we need more soldiers. It shouldn’t matter if someone is gay, straight, Christian, Jewish, tall short, smart, dumb—if you wanna serve, we’ll find a spot for you.

The Far Right (the final opponents) continue to cite the ol’ “It’ll upset too many people” and “soldiers will be upset.” These are the exact same lines used when it came to integrating the armed forces.

I find the above video to be extraordinary, in that it’s an older white conservative male appearing on Fox to damn Don’t Ask Don’t Tell as a failed policy.


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  1. Doesn’t really surprise.
    Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is a good example of a typical piece of Clinton era failed Democratic legislation that aims to please everybody, and ends up pleasing nobody.

  2. I say leave it up to the soldiers. Being in the military sin’t like any job in the civilian world. If the soldiers are for it, then I’m for it. I don’t think people who haven’t served should make this decission. It isn’t a right to serve our country, it is a priviledge

    1. Mark, with all due respect, that’s a terrible idea. I’m completely pro-military, and have enormous respect for those who serve. But truth is, had we “left it up to the soldiers” when it came to desegregating the army, we’d still have an all-white force. There are a large number of gay men and women who want to fight, and at a time when we need every hand, bigotry should not be the deciding factor on who serves.

  3. Jeff is right. We’d still have an all-white force and it would likely be all-male too.

    Moreover, which soldiers are you listening to? There are a great many soldiers that don’t have any real problem with it.

    And finally, this country was created with the idea that a civilian leader controls the military.

    To just throw it over to majority military rule is an awful precedent. That’s how coups start.

    To disagree with Jeff briefly, though. The need of the military for bodies should not be the primary reason here.

    This would be the right thing to do even if we were in peacetime. It would be the right thing to do if 9/11 never happened and we didn’t need a glut of Arabic translators.

    Your last line is a joke, Mark. You’re basically saying that gays do not deserve the priviledge of serving their country. Well who the fuck are you to say that?

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