I’m about to delve into cliche. My apologies for doing so.

Yesterday’s Super Bowl was all about strength and courage. That’s what we were told by the coaches and the players and the announcers, and within the spectrum of sports that argument can be made. You’re Drew Brees, and four guys who weigh in excess of 300 pounds are charging forward, trying to crush you into a pancake. Without a doubt, it takes grit and determination to stand there.

At the end of the day, however, Drew Brees knows that he will not die. The game begins, the game ends, Drew Brees goes home. Win or lose, he goes home.

Today I went on Facebook to look for an update of my old classmate, Sue Dolson-Fischer. Sue and I weren’t tight in high school, but I knew who she was, and have closely followed her plight over the past few months; her terrible-yet-courageous (in the truest sense of the word) battle with cancer. Sue is married, with two young daughters, and she’s been in the thick of this war for several years. We have a handful of mutual friends, and I am repeatedly told that she is among the kindest, most decent individuals one could have the honor of meeting.

Anyhow, this is her latest Facebook update, posted earlier today: We have called upon hospice to help me with the end of my journey. It is not easy to write this. I wish things could have been different but I do feel a sense of incredible peace. Thank you all again for your generosity, kindness and love. Most sincerely, Suzanne PS… Keep praying

If you’ve read this blog, you know my feelings on religion and prayer. However, I’m willing to admit that I don’t know it all. If you feel that prayer helps, or could help, or might help, or might make a difference, please say a prayer for Sue Dolson-Fischer tonight.

Thank you.

PS: Here is an article that was recently written about Sue and her plight.

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  1. Wow. I was not expecting to read your blog today and be moved. (no offense to you as I value your sarcasm and wit most highly) But as an expecting father this story hit me harder than I expected. I am not a praying man either, but for what its worth I will. Our time here might feel like an eternity somedays, but it is always good to remember how precious it is.

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