The ad winner …

Hands. Down.

6 thoughts on “The ad winner …”

  1. I’m curious Jeff.
    I’m not asking for a religious or political evaluation.
    What did you think of the Tebow ad?
    Entertainment value.

  2. I thought the Tebow ad was the most boring and seemingly pointless ad of the night.
    To me, the only group of people that should protest that are those that are in favor of interesting entertainment.

  3. I thought it was decent.
    Sort of reminded me of that one where a company hires a linebacker to make the office more efficient.
    The old one was a classic.

  4. Tebow ad was harmless.

    I also refuse to believe that most women haven’t already made up their minds on what they’d do.

    A woman who would have an abortion isn’t going to be talked out of it by a QBs mother.

    A woman who wouldn’t have one under any circumstances isn’t going to be emboldened even further by it.

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