800-221-1212 ain’t no joke


So I’m supposed to fly Delta, and last night I called the airline at 1-800-221-1212 to ask a question. The number was busy. Called again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And …

Busy, busy, busy, busy. Over an eight-hour span, always busy.

I’m sorry, but you’re one of the three or four largest airlines in America; a company desperately trying to hang on in a floundering business. You advertise everywhere; encourage people to fly your planes and enjoy your perks and eat as many of those delicious beige cookies as possible (the ones in the red packages—truly scrumptious). And … you can’t handle the caller volume!? I know you want people to do things online, but, well, c’mon.

Staggeringly pathetic.

Speaking of pathetic, Gatorade is introducing three new sports beverages. One for pre-workout, one for during workout, one for post-workout. Uh … I have a beverage that handles all three circumstances perfectly. It’s this stuff called water.

5 thoughts on “800-221-1212 ain’t no joke”

  1. As someone who works in the travel business and started out working in the call center for one of the other major carriers, let me give you a heads up on a few things. You remember that massive snowstorm over the weekend that blasted the entire midatlantic and caused the closure of half a dozen major airports? Immediately followed by a second major storm that is causing the same thing as we speak? That might have just a little bit to do with the problem. Their call centers have probably instituted mandatory overtime for all their employees. And for those who would say “Well, just hire more people” — how do you propose to pay all those extra people for sitting around twiddling their thumbs when there aren’t historic blizzards going on?

    I know the blog is just your vent, and I’m sure it was irritating to not be able to get the answer to your question right away. But man, they invented Google for a reason. Use it.

  2. Well, the storm would earn the airlines some slack if they were known for good customer service. But airlines treat customers like crap whether its snowing, raining, or sunny and 95 degrees.

    When it comes to dealing with customers in an honest, professional and respectful manner there is no industry worse than the major U.S. airlines. None. And there is no excuse for an 8-hour busy signal. A long wait, sure. Not a busy signal.

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