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Jeff Pearlman on baseball

I haven’t been a baseball writer in, oh, eight years. Yes, I’m a columnist for Sports Illustrated’s website. And yes, I’ve written two books about the game. But when it comes to the nittiest nitty-gritty of the upcoming season, well, there are plenty of others possessing more knowledge than I have (Verducci, Gammons, Buster, my sister, etc …).

Hence, maybe agreeing to do this interview wasn’t the best idea. I mean, I certainly know the game. But my thoughts on the Red Sox bullpen? Uh … buh … duh … muh … click.

* Truth is, I did get disconnected. But I really shouldn’t agree to do these sort of things, because—at this point–I’m focused solely on the book. Like, 100 percent. Top of my head, I can name three members of the Boston pen—four if we include Steve Crawford’s mustache.