The slump


This is gonna sound dumb to some, but right now I’m in a writing slump. I’ve been sloppy; not especially sharp. Here’s a perfect example: Today’s column. It’s fine and OK, I suppose, but lacking. Any schlub could have written it in 20 minutes, which annoys me to no end.

I’m not sure if most writers slump, but I sure do. I’d say I feel it three or four times per year, when I hate everything I write. Then I get real mental and start overwriting. Then I lose my mind and start throwing things. Then I decide I want to quit and work at Burger King. Then I go to Burger King and smell the grease. Then I decide writing is good.

With today’s column, a big problem was the topic: I interviewed Kevin Wirth at the last minute, and my knowledge of Bassmaster is minimal. Actually, sub-minimal. So I relied too little on details and too much on, well, nothing. Air. Fluff. Truth is, while I often think, “This is a great idea for a column,” sometimes I’m off. Wirth is a great idea for a 2,000-word profile, where you sit with the guy, hang with him on the boat, etc … etc. But as a column, he doesn’t completely translate. Fine and dandy and OK, but, well, meh.

Anyhow, I’m babbling. But I like using this blog to vent.