We Are The World, Model 2010

Just saw the video for the new We Are The World. I expected to hate this song. A part of me probably wanted to hate this song. But, if I’m gonna be honest, it’s good. Really good.

Do I need to see Jusin Bieber? Eh, no. And I’m not quite sure how The Dude made it into the studio, though I’m guessing they wanted someone to reprise Dan Aykroyd’s role as portly-actor-wh0-doesn’t-quite-fit-in. And, having read so many negative things about Wyclef’s charity, maybe he shouldn’t have been quite so dominant (plus, he can’t sing). But, overall, big ups. And Usher ain’t no Huey Lewis.

General positives:

• I never used to think much of Pink. Then my wife started saying, “You know, she can really sing.” And she’s right. Girl has pipes.

• Celine Dion is the most annoying crooner of our generation. But, man, did she channel Cindy Lauper. Most important singular part of the song, and she nailed it.

• Tony Bennett doesn’t belong, and he’s out of key. But it’s always nice to see the man.

• Ten rappers dropping rhymes in unison doesn’t usually work. But here it did, primarily because it was cool to see LL and Kanye together in one spot.

• Has anyone ever had a better voice than Jennifer Hudson?

• Michael Jackson. In case you’d forgotten how damn good he was, here’s the reminder. I liked them keeping much of his material.

PS: By the way, if you wanna see the most awkward thing of all time, watch this. Painful.

4 thoughts on “We Are The World, Model 2010”

  1. “Do I need to see Jusin Bieber? Eh, no.” – ahh, yeah you do because the goal it to get as wide an appeal as possible to raise as much money as possible.

  2. I’m glad I wasn’t the only person that was ashamed to kinda like this video. I thought it nailed the good vibes of the original, while remaining contemporary and refreshingly on topic.

  3. Everyone except Jacko and Ray Charles are still alive. Bring them back instead of having these flavors of the month who won’t be remembered in 10 years.

    Cyndia Lauper makes Celine Dion look like a booger.

  4. A bunch of millionaires asking us to donate money… and unlike the original, they couldn’t all show up to the same place for a few hours. Bleah.

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