Who’s the man?

3 thoughts on “Who’s the man?”

  1. Yeah, I was watching this and Obama definitely came across as dick-ish during this moment. Other than that, he was great.

    But McCain just did NOT belong at the summit. I watched it non-stop from 11-5:15 and he stuck out like a thorn with how awkward he was(the Republicans were letting their younger guys speak more). McCain definitely was still acting like he was on the campaign trail. He kind of is since his Senate seat is up in Arizona.

    The book GAME CHANGE revealed, in detail, that Obama absolutely detests McCain, and this goes back before the election started.

    Obama had a right to be pissed off though. At the same time, his comments to McCain were pretty cutting.

    The best part of the clip (this video isn’t in real time) is that when McCain makes the joke “I’m reminded of that everyday”, everybody laughed, but Obama wasn’t having it. He was clearly frustrated.

  2. There are times when Obama clearly seems to have had his sense of humor surgically removed. I’d concede that.

    But you know, after 8 years of Clinton and the Magical Trouser Snake and 8 years of Bush, I don’t mind someone who takes the job a bit seriously.

    And McCain deserves nothing but scorn. I only wish Obama would have called him out further and said,

    “John, I know you’re in a tough primary fight, but film your campaign ads on your own time, not mine.”

    McCain was there to get material to run against his opponent. He is a bitter old man who couldn’t possibly care less about helping anyone.

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